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Virtual Community Summit

Learn advanced skills from the world’s top experts to manage successful communities. 20th – 21st February 2014.

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#CommsChat On Virtual Community Management

  • On Monday 21st January, I joined #CommsChat, to discuss the ways and means of managing an online audience. Topics included: How has the role of community managers changed since the rise of social media? What will the future look like for community managers? How do the roles of social media manager and community manager differ? What are the tools used to grow online communities? To ...

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VirComm’s Co-Founder Profiled – Social Media Portal Interview

  • Want to find out a bit more about the CEO & Co-Founder of VirComm13? Why the Summit was started? Hi-lights at the event? And where the future of community management lies? Check out my interview in Social Media Portal here.    ...

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Turn Customer Care Into “Social Care”

  • Oxana Morozowska, Co-Founder of the Virtual Community Summit, looks back at Josh March's (CEO, Conversocial) presentation at VirComm12, "Are Customers Failing at Social Customer Service?" and questions whether many companies really have developed their "social customer care strategy" in the last year or not. Do you talk and actually listen to your customers via your social media channels or...

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The Online Community Content Map – Part One

  • Striking the right balance of content and conversation is an elusive but necessary combination for success.  When developing the content component, online community managers often think in terms of monthly or weekly Editorial Calendars to ensure a steady flow of ideas and content sources to keep the site active. This is a best practice, as it allows community management to plan for the fut...

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John Coate, CM of one of the first online communities, to speak at VirComm13

  • Ever wondered when online communities first started? Which the first ones were? How they have developed over the years and where the future of community lies? We are pleased to announce that John Coate, former Marketing Director and Conferencing Manager of the WELL (, one of the first online communities, will be keynoting at VirComm13. As Marketing Dir...

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Think 140 – how often should brands update social media?

  • Ribs Susiaho looks back on the presentations given at the inaugural VirComm Summit, held in London, February 2012. Dominic Sparkes, CEO and Founder of Tempero, presented the cornerstones of social media management, as he sees them (or at least as he did then, 9 months ago). These cornerstones were insight, engagement and moderation. Of these 3 cornerstones (social media management ther...

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